Summer Programs

2022 Summer Programs

Don't want to stop training this summer? Register now for one of our elite Villarreal Summer programs!


Player Development Soccer Camp

Hosted at Indoor 5. Progress your Mental, Tactical and Technical abilities and understand the different aspects of the game!


Villarreal Las Vegas Academy (8.5 × 10 in)-3

Pre-Season Academy Program

Don't want to stop training this June & July? Register now for one of our summer teams!



Private Trainings

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Player Development Soccer Camp

Philosophy / Methodology

✅ Building upon 1v1 Individual Goals with your coaches (per person).

✅ Creating Team Objectives (per team).

✅ Becoming an autonomous player by progressing the Mental, Tactical and Technical abilities of a player.

Learn how to self reflect as a player through video analysis.

Understand the nutritional, psychological, and physical aspects of the game through educational presentations.


✓ Starting June 6th.

Ages 8 -14.

Monday through Friday
9am - 4pm.

$395. (July 5th - July 8th $316
No camp Monday 4th of July).

✓ Located in: Phase 1 Sports
Address: 7770 Dean Martin Dr #307, Las Vegas, NV 89139


Summer Season Academy

Don't want to stop training this June & July? Register now for one of our summer teams! Our summer teams serve as extra weekly team training over the months club teams usually close.

The end of the season is almost here! While many of you are already planning your summer vacations and will be out for some time, many of you have expressed to us that you would like to continue training this summer. For that reason, we have gone ahead and created our brand new Summer Season academy program. Our Summer Season combined teams will begin training the 2nd week of June.

Just like our year-long academy program, our Summer Season will include:

  • 3 trainings per week
  • Pre-Season matches
  • Combined teams
  • Pre-Season preparation
  • $149 per month

Ages: 2016 - 2008

*Only want to register for 1-month, click "pay by card" and choose our monthly installment plan.


Villarreal Private Training

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