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Las Vegas is now the first European soccer academy in the state of Nevada. It will be the sixth academy in the United States and one of twelve around the world outside of Spain. The academy will be open to boys and girls ages six to eighteen.

The director of this new academy is Jordan Greenway. Greenway, whose father hails from Malaga, was the manager for the UPSL (United States fourth tier) Nevada Conference. He has openly stated he believes in what he calls ‘Spanish style Total Football’ which suggests to me a highly technical approach to the game even from the earliest levels of development.

As we have repeatedly pointed out when talking about Villarreal academies, what sets them apart is their willingness to be people focused. Here’s how Greenway explains it:

“There are very few teams in the world like Villarreal CF that have developed mature international academy systems. Unlike most clubs, Villarreal CF has shown to me that they have much more involvement and truly care about the success of their clubs. In the conversations I have had with them, I have been impressed by the professionalism, and enthusiasm to help us succeed properly. I am honored that such an important world class team is giving us this opportunity.”

As an American supporter of Villarreal, every time I see another one of these academies pop up it makes me feel a little more connected with the club (in fact, they have one in my home state). At VUSA, we want to formally welcome Villarreal Las Vegas to the family, and we look forward to seeing your successes in the months and years to come.